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Instagrammable Spots in Opelika

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Opelika is a beautiful place to hang out with friends and family, for a date night or for a walk. But if you enjoy finding the best photo opportunities in the area, Opelika has some cute instagrammable spots that you can’t let go next time you visit!
1.Umbrella Photo on a Shiny Day

Who doesn’t like taking a fun photo with mural art?

Located in the corner between North Railroad Avenue and 8thAvenue, a beautiful mural of a yellow umbrella is a great place to snap a cute photo for your Instagram. The brick wall is the perfect background for the cutest umbrella in town!

2.Brunch at Zazu

Taking pictures of your food is definitely something that everyone loves to do. Zazu, the local gastropub located on 8thAvenue in downtown Opelika serves great food, including a colorful brunch on Sundays. Go there, enjoy their food and take a photo, of course.

Check out the menu!

3.I Scream You Scream We All Scream For Ice Cream!

Everyone loves taking photos with a pretty ice cream cone, right?

O’Town ice cream is a must in your Instagram account. Visit them in their new location at 2ndAvenue and try their unique ice cream flavors named after Opelika. For extra color, don’t forget the sprinkles!

4.Bless You Wall

Continuing on the mural art tour of Opelika, you can’t miss a photo opportunity in the “Bless You Wall.” Located in Avenue B, this blue wall is one of the best spots in the area for a snap with your friends or a selfie. Wear something colorful to bring out the colors.

5.Railroad Tracks

One of the first things you will notice in Opelika is its unique character. Being built around the railroads, the downtown area has grown infused by the railroad culture. From the name of its avenues, North and South Railroad Avenue, to the name of its shops and restaurants, Opelika is a true railroad town. Then, why not take a selfie at the railroad tracks?

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