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Spring in Opelika

By May 17, 2019 No Comments

Spring in Opelika is a wonderful time of the year to spend your afternoons outside, enjoying the incredible weather. The city of Opelika has something fun for everyone, from those who want to stroll around outside to those who want to spend time with their or furry friends. Here are some activities we recommend during springtime:

1.  Azalea-Dogwood Trail

If you have passed through Opelika during springtime, you have probably noticed the colorful azaleas in bloom everywhere. Doing the Azalea-Dogwood Trail is a wonderful outdoor activity to do in Opelika for those who enjoy long walks. It’s always nice to have an excuse to be outside, and even more so when it is so pretty out.

If you’d like to follow the trail, Keep Opelika Beautiful has directions on how to follow it. Make sure you check their website!

2. Municipal Park

This beautiful city park is the perfect place to enjoy outdoor activities with your family. From picnic tables to playgrounds, kids and adults will love to visit it. And let’s not forget about the Rocky Brook Rocket Vintage Train for the little ones. Who wouldn’t want to take a train ride in the cutest train ever? For more information on prices and hours, you can visit the Opelika Parks and Recreation website.

3. Floral Park

Because Opelika cares about our furry friends, Floral Park offers an outdoor experience with a Dog Park, a space for your dogs to run free and be playful.

Floral Park is the perfect place for a date with your most loyal friend.

Come and discover all the places one can enjoy the outdoors in Opelika!

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