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Where to Find The Best Coffee in Downtown Opelika

By February 20, 2019 April 16th, 2019 No Comments

Who doesn’t like a good cup of coffee to start the day? If you like quality coffee, downtown Opelika has two places that are perfect for you:

Mama Mocha’s

Mama Mocha’s is a local roasting company headquartered in Opelika. Sarah, a.k.a. Mama Mocha, started her business bringing beans from all over the world to prepare the best coffee possible. After a successful experience serving coffee at their location in Auburn, where 3,000 customers frequent it every week, Mama Mocha’s decided to open the “bodega” in Opelika, next to their roastery, as part of an urban experiment.

Now their Opelika neighbors can enjoy a cup of coffee to go, or something to eat from their experimental kitchen. Their menu includes breakfast, lunch and dinner options made from fresh ingredients.

The idea behind the bodega is to offer quality coffee and be part of the community hub of downtown Opelika. The place includes some tables and chairs for those who are not in a rush. Everyone is welcome at Mama Mocha’s!

Seeking to create an Italian experience in an urban Alabama setting, Mama Mocha’s offers the best of the espresso culture with its manual lever coffee machine, coffee art, and freshly roasted beans and syrups.

Mama Mocha’s also roasts for local restaurants and is committed to building community. If you are looking for great coffee, a bite to eat, or delicious coffee beans for your morning coffee, make sure you visit Mama Mocha’s!

You can find them at 715 1st Ave, Opelika.

Side Track Coffee

Side Track Coffee opened its doors for the first time in the spring of 2016. This café started as a pop-up summer project with only a small espresso machine, but due to its success, now we can enjoy coffee with them all year long. David, the owner, and his business partner decided to continue the experiment and create a space where all are welcome.

Side Track Coffee has a friendly team that loves their customers. This is why their coffee price is zero dollars.

You can pay what you want. They want to share with you their unconditional love no matter what you decide to pay.

The café is located in South Railroad Avenue in the heart of downtown Opelika. The high white ceilings, wood floors and open space makes it an ideal place to spend time studying or working on your laptop.

Side Track Coffee is a multi-roaster café because they want to share the best with their customers. They buy their beans from roasters who have a common goal: finding the perfect true flavor of a coffee. They also like to make and customize drinks to your taste and create the perfect coffee for you. As David says, a good coffee is “any coffee that is shared.” So, go share a coffee with them!

You can find Side Track Coffee at 817 S Railroad Ave, Opelika.

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